GLOBAL GIFTS SHORT NORTH: Volunteers Committed to Fair Trade

GLOBAL GIFTS SHORT NORTH: Volunteers Committed to Fair Trade

Meet Judy Hartzler who has been a Global Gifts volunteer since the Short North store opened in March 2014! Judy loves to sew and makes beautiful quilt and comforter tops that are given or are sold to help refugees and world relief. She is a busy person who leads a book group, gardens at her home and at church, and is an active leader in the Columbus Mennonite Church. Judy also loves to travel. We love to hear about and see photos from her globe-trotting adventures when she returns!

 In addition to her travels and local activities, Judy has been making time to volunteer regularly at Global Gifts for the past two years. She is a wonderful addition to the team and is particularly helpful to customers whether they're looking for a particular item or they are curious about fair trade and its impact on people all over the world. 

 Judy told us that, "The opportunity to explain about fair trade" is one of her favorite parts of volunteering at the store. Because she’s been involved with the fair trade movement off and on for the past 10 years (partly through involvement with Ten Thousand Villages), she offers a wealth of information to customers, other volunteers, and to staff members too!

 When asked why fair trade is important, Judy said: "I think that it empowers a lot of people who have very limited resources and allows them to sustain a decent living... I also love that they're recycling and using available goods. I like that they are part of a consortium and there isn't necessarily a middle man." 

We are inspired by Judy's commitment and appreciate all that she brings to the organization! 

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