Global Gifts: 4 Delicious Uses for a Salt Crystal Plate

Global Gifts: 4 Delicious Uses for a Salt Crystal Plate

Warmer weather means that it’s time for picnics, cookouts, and entertaining friends and family! If you’re looking for a great way to wow your guests, use a salt crystal plate to prepare and serve a wide variety of foods. As a bonus, the salt crystals add healthy minerals to foods.

This unique must have for the kitchen is made from actual salt crystals that are cut and crafted in Pakistan by fair trade artisans. Available in plate and cutting board sizes, you can get creative and provide a tasty and attractive accent to whatever you’re making.

Here’s how to use a salt crystal plate or cutting board…

Enhance the natural flavors of your favorite fruits or vegetables by placing slices between two salt crystal plates and warm them in the sun.

Infuse salty flavor into whatever you’re grilling, by using a salt crystal slab. Increase the heat slowly if using a gas grill and keep the hot coals to one side if using a charcoal grill.  One chef advises not to move the fish, beef, chicken, or veggies around too much while cooking on a salt crystal slab to avoid an overly- salty result.

You can also cook foods on salt crystal slabs using your stovetop. It is not recommended that you place a salt crystal in the oven.  The slab can be placed on a circular piece of metal above the burner and heated gradually until the item is fully cooked. (As with grilling, this can take time, so plan accordingly.)

Foods like sushi are excellent when chilled on a salt crystal plate. Serve directly from the freezer to the table.

Salt crystal slabs are also easy to care for. Do not immerse in water for cleaning; salt has antimicrobial properties. Store in a low humidity place and wipe with a damp sponge or scrape with a soft brush to remove food residue.

[Photo credit: Ten Thousand Villages]

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