Teacher Appreciation Week Approaches!

Teacher Appreciation Week Approaches!

Here they come -- those end-of-school-year PTO and Teacher Appreciation events. Thoughtful teacher gifts can be difficult to find because, well, you aren't always buying for someone whose taste you really know, right?

No worries! Let us suggest some unique gifts in an appropriate price range that are always well received:

Mr. Ellie Pooh paper products are the gift of a *giggle* and future teaching inspiration, all in one! Ellie Pooh paper is made from elephant dung (cleaned and processed, of course) in Sri Lanka. Before the Ellie Pooh products were developed, elephants were considered crop-ruining pests that sometimes got "exterminated" for their mischief. Now, through this paper making innovation, elephants (and their... uhm... byproduct) have value to their nearby communities and are actively being protected by villagers, helping the endangered species thrive.

A handout of the inspirational Mr. Ellie Pooh story is free with every purchase. The gift of these note sets, journals, and stationery often inspires future lessons in civics, environmental science, and geography -- not to mention a hearty laugh! ($5-$20)

Ellie Pooh also creates jobs. Paper sets are handcrafted and beautifully decorated by villagers in a variety of themes: cardinals, blue birds, hummingbirds, flowers, flamingoes, kangaroos, giraffes, etc. We've also stocked up on some Ellie Pooh sets that skew a little more male, for your favorite guy teacher too: dinosaurs, tigers, elephants (of course), fish, etc. 

What else do teachers like? Well, we polled our volunteers (many of whom are teachers or retired teachers) and the second highest answer to that question was: books -- books for themselves or books for the classroom. So here are our best book suggestions from among the nearly-100 titles we have in the store: 

As always, if you just don't know what to give, ask us for help. We absolutely love to match a giftee with their greatest gift ever. 

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