Mass Ave: We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Mass Ave: We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Volunteer Feature: Meet Melissa!

Melissa is a new volunteer at the Mass Ave Store, but she has jumped right in and become part of the Global Gifts family! Melissa told us about why she thinks fair trade is important and what she enjoys about volunteering at the Mass Ave Store.

"Fair trade serves a purpose, it helps people have opportunities they might not otherwise have. It also brings us products that we might not otherwise have access to."

"I like volunteering at Global Gifts because it gives me something to do, I feel useful as a volunteer. Also, I like the people and the atmosphere. Being on Mass Ave is fun! It gives me a great excuse to shop and feel good about it in the process."

"My favorite product is all the jewelry. It's so colorful and there is always something to go with every outfit!

We are so very thankful to have Melissa volunteer at the Mass Ave store! If you would like to volunteer like Melissa, email or call 317-423-3148. You can also fill out our volunteer application online here.

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