Mass Ave: Meet Marsha

Mass Ave: Meet Marsha

Volunteer Feature

Marsha has worked as either a staff member or volunteer at the Mass Ave store since the store's beginning over 10 years ago. Dedicated to the people and mission of Fair Trade, here are some things she likes about volunteering at Global Gifts:

"I love our customers at Global Gifts. I always enjoy meeting new customers from out of town and hearing about where they are from. Our customers are always warm and friendly and genuinely care about Fair Trade. Sharing a love for Fair Trade creates a connection unlike any other!"

"Fair Trade is important because it is the great equalizer. In an ideal world, hard workers should earn a decent wage to improve their lifestyle."

Marsha's favorite item is the butterfly wing bracelet because of it's uniqueness and the vibrant colors!

Thank you Marsha for your continued hard work and service! We love working you with you!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Mass Ave store contact or call 317-423-3148! You can also fill out an application online here!


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