Mass Ave: Comite Artisanal Haitien

Mass Ave: Comite Artisanal Haitien

Artisan Feature - From TTV

"Comite Artisanal Hatien was founded in 1973 to help rural craftspeople sell their wares in Port-au-Prince, to provide income and to help reduce the flow of migration from the countryside to the city. Though rural to urban migration continues, CAH helps artisans earn a living from their skills. The economic situation in Haiti is bleak, and the need for income generation is great. CAH craft sales often are the sole income source for artisans and their families.

The nonprofit CAH markets and exports crafts made by Haitian artisans, cooperatives and craft groups. The artisans whose work CAH promotes have organized themselves in a variety of ways. Some are cooperative associations, some are family workshops and some are independent artisans; all depend on the efforts of CAH to market their handicrafts for a fair wage. In 1999 CAH became part of the "Fondation pour le Developpement de l’Artisanat Haitien." CAH provides marketing and promotional expertise, training in literacy and business skills for artisans, fair wages and advances on orders, and financial assistance in case of health emergencies. CAH artisans sell their work through local tourist sales and for export through the fair trade market."

At Global Gifts you can find many pieces from this artisan group, including stones and metal artwork. Stop in and check them out!

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