Painted Drum Art from Haiti

Painted Drum Art from Haiti

We have new drum art! We just received new designs of Haitian Drum Art, one example being this painted mermaid. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful wall art is all done by hand, from cutting holes that become edges of the hair and tail, to accenting each fish with a texture of scales, to painting or lacquering the final design.

Croix des Bouquet, an area of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti is known for artisans who make oil drum art. Eugene Jacques and Carlos Brutus are two artisans working on the art of taking a waste product like oil drums and turning them into beautiful metalwork. 

The Diaspora of Haitians has spread the designs and skills of Oil Drum art throughout the Caribbean but the art is truly Haitian. Old oil drums are no longer readily available and are imported into Haiti by container and sold to the artisans. Even though cheaper, more readily available steel sheets could be used, artisans rely on the used drums for the patina in their art.


Source: Partners for Fair Trade

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