Global Gifts at Nora: How to Care for Succulent Plants and Cacti

Global Gifts at Nora: How to Care for Succulent Plants and Cacti

Product Feature: Easy Care Tabletop Gardens

For those occasions when you're inspired to give the gift of (plant) life, Global Gifts at Nora offers a variety of table top gardens, year-round.

Lisa, our resident Gardenista, chooses cacti and succulents for our fair trade planters, because they're so easy to care for. Great for beginners (or those cursed with a "black thumb") succulents are popular and attractive plants you can keep on a desk at work or on a window sill, and not worry about them too much. Basically, they can survive neglect -- and thrive beautifully when you pay just a little attention to them.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your succulents happy:

Plants, even indoors, have "growing seasons." While you are observing new growth, cacti and succulents can be watered every day (just a couple of drops per plant is sufficient) or as little as once a week (with a more generous watering) but their roots don't like to live in a puddle of water, so err on the dryer side. During a growth period, your succulents and cacti can be fertilized.

Most cacti and succulents like about 6 hours of bright light, but not all can tolerate intense, direct sunlight, especially in conjunction with high temperatures. 

Generally, when the day-length shortens, plants enter a rest period. During that time, increase the interval between watering, letting the potting mixture dry out completely between. Some people say that during dormancy, cacti and succulents should be given just enough water so that they show no sign of shriveling -- but use common sense here. If your plants are kept indoors on a window sill in a heated room during the winter, they will need more water. 

Succulents and cacti do not like freezing temperatures. 

Filtered water and rain water are preferable to tap water. 

If a healthy leaf has broken off the plant, no worries! Simply lay it on top of the soil for a few days and watch it take root as a new baby plant.

Feature photo: Beautifully hand-carved gourd planters from artisans at Manos Amigas in Peru are the perfect container for dry-loving succulents and cacti. Each container is unique. Sold both planted and "naked" at Global Gifts in Nora.

Article Photo #1: Pond Critter planters from Bangladesh -- small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or on your window sill. Sold both planted and "naked" at Global Gifts in Nora.

Article Photo #2: This handsome fair trade dish garden hides a hint of a fish "fossilized" just inside the rim of the cup. An attractive addition to any desk, or for any coffee lover. From Cameroon.

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