Bloomington: Meet Morgan!

Bloomington: Meet Morgan!

Morgan has been a volunteer with us since October, 2014. She has always gone out of her way to help the store when we needed a hand! She was driven to involve herself in the Bloomington community when she first moved here two years ago. Her passion for Fair Trade has grown through her time with us and she will carry that with her as she moves away from Bloomington this summer. We will miss you Morgan! Continue reading to learn more about what Morgan thinks about Fair Trade and Global Gifts.

Why do you think Fair Trade is important?

Morgan - "Because artisans can do what they love and are good at and get paid fairly. They can a live a better life through Fair Trade."

What do you like about volunteering here?

Morgan - "I love volunteering because they people are awesome! It gives me an opportunity to get involved in my community in a really cool way."

What is your favorite product?

Morgan - "I love the Ellie Poo products because it's cool to see a product being made out of something that is otherwise considered waste. The "poo" is made into something useful! Ellie Poo also shows the community it comes from the importance of elephants too."

If you would like to be a volunteer like Morgan this summer, email our Volunteer Coordinator, Kinsey - Or call the store to find out more! 1-(812)-336-7402.

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