Global Gifts at Nora: Madison's Unstoppable Enthusiasm

Global Gifts at Nora: Madison's Unstoppable Enthusiasm

Volunteer Feature: Madison Millard

A Junior in the International Baccalaureate program at North Central High School, Madison Millard fills the Nora Global Gifts store with an enthusiasm for fair trade and a smile that won't quit.

As is typical of many of our volunteers, Madison is a busy gal. She's a member of the National Honor Society, participates in the high school's symphony orchestra, and serves as President of Melodies for Mankind -- a group that performs at senior living communities. She also tutors elementary kids in a program adorably named, Lion Catcher, and is a member of the French Honor Society, a group that is, this year, raising money for Belle-Riviere, Haiti -- a community in desperate need of support for basic human necessities like food, clean water, health, education, and sustainable commerce.


"When I volunteer, I love to help people find the perfect gift or item that they are looking for. There is something for every occasion and shoppers continue to come back and support us."

"What attracted me to Global Gifts last year was the passionate volunteers who told me about fair trade. I never really knew about fair trade and I was attracted to this way of helping people in other countries, even though I couldn't physically travel there."

Madison plans to study medicine and would love to become a pediatrician. 

Madison's favorite things in the store are our greeting cards from #GoodPaper. Good Paper's mission to restore the human spirit is realized in a #sustainable and #eco-friendly employment program that supports women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. Each card is a gift in itself, a frame-able, handcrafted work of art.

If you're interested in a fun and meaningful volunteer experience that can be worked into your busy schedule, contact Lisa Lorentz at The Nora store volunteers range in age from "responsible high schoolers" to "happily retired," and all the stages between.

Madison, Maggie, and Andrea volunteering during their holiday vacations from school.

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