Bloomington: Indonesian Batik

Bloomington: Indonesian Batik

These beautiful sarongs and scarves were created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking.

According to the Batik Guild, "it is not known when the batik was first made but the traditional skills were particularly well developed over hundreds of years in Central Java around Yogyakarta and Solo under the patronage of the Sultan and his court." At times, cloths were made that could only be used by certain people or on specific occasions. Royal families had their own particular designs. Near the cost, " designs were developed differently, influenced by settlers from China, the Dutch colonists and traders from India and Arabia."

The fabrics are created through the traditional Indonesian art of batiking. This batiking process involves applying hot wax to the fabric, dyeing the fabric and finally boiling the was off to reveal the design underneath. The completed fabric dries in the sun. Each color represents a dyeing a waxing process and all is done by hand. Batik is an artisan's handmade interpretation, slight variations in each batch making it unique. 

They are light enough to wear to the pool or beach this summer! Or find a smaller version to wear as a shawl or scarf.


Sources: Blue Hand Batik and The Batik Guild.

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