Mass Ave: We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Mass Ave: We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Volunteer Feature - Linnea Tuterow

Linnea is a new volunteer at our Mass Ave Store, but not an unfamiliar face. Linnea has been shopping at Global Gifts with her mom and sister for years! She loves fair trade and is currently a student hoping to find her way into the world of non-profit marketing.

Talking with Linnea, I was able to find out more about her love for fair trade, here are some things she had to say:

"I love the whole purpose of fair trade, the products are really unique and it provides a way to nurture an artisan's creative outlet. When someone purchases a fair trade item, it means a whole lot more."

"I like working at Global Gifts because it helps people who might not otherwise have the same opportunity to earn an income."

"My favorite products are the Kamibashi String Dolls. All the messages are great positive reminders!"

Thanks Linnea, for your continued support of fair trade! We could not do the work we do at Global Gifts without you!




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