Short North: Peruvian Artisans Knitting New Lives

Short North: Peruvian Artisans Knitting New Lives

In the Central Andes region of Peru, it can be a challenge to support a family, but this is even more difficult when internal conflict rages for decades. In the aftermath of violence in the 1980s, the artisan group El Mercurio formed and has helped women rebuild their lives in an economically sustainable way.

The artisans of El Mercurio live on the mountainside of Huancavelica City, Peru. This group consists mainly of women knitters, most of whom are married with children. Because the local culture tends to limit a woman’s role to household chores and childcare in the home, the artisans of El Mercurio have had to step outside of traditional gender roles. The fair trade Bridge of Hope initiative has provided a network of support for these creative and courageous women.

At Global Gifts Short North, you can find adorable stuffed animals and clever finger puppets, all hand-knit by the women of El Mercurio! 

[Photo Credit: Bridge of Hope]

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