Bloomington: Meet a Volunteer, Patty!

Bloomington: Meet a Volunteer, Patty!

Patty has been a volunteer at Global Gifts in Bloomington since March, 2014. She is a student and Bloomington High School South. Her sense of humor always makes working with her a fun day at the store!

We asked her more about her volunteering experience:

Why do you think Fair Trade is important?

Patty - "It helps people to develop their own businesses. They wouldn't have necessarily had that opportunity without Fair Trade. I think that's important."

What do you like about volunteering at Global Gifts?

Patty - "I think it's an important cause and I think that it's very valuable to spread it to the Bloomington community."

What is your favorite product?

Patty - "Ooooh! I'm gonna say the tagua nut animal figurines. They are an ethical alternative to ivory. They're pretty cute too!"

If you would like to become a future volunteer at the Bloomington Global Gifts, email our volunteer coordinator at and she will get you started!

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