Mass Ave: Kind Notes

Mass Ave: Kind Notes

Did you know the Mass Ave store holds a drawing every week for different featured products? Stop in for your chance at winning!

Below is a most appreciated note from last week's winner. Thank you Cory and Mark for your continued support of Fair Trade!


Just wanted to again thank you and Global Gifts for the wonderful surprise of winning your weekly drawing. 

The book was very interesting (even at 52 years old).  I wanted you to know that we did donate the book to our church (Avon United Methodist Church) for their children's book drive being coordinated by nine year old Connor which then will be donated to Hendricks Regional Health Hospital for the pediatric wing.

We did keep the little animals as we hope to travel to Africa in the near future. Thus we are using them as our incentive to save for the dream vacation destination. ...  So many thanks! 

Your gifts have made a difference as the nature of the business you manage does too! We will be in soon to SHOP----

Cory and Mark Hull-Oliver 
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