Global Gifts at Nora: How did a Pile of Neckties Become a Quilt?

Global Gifts at Nora: How did a Pile of Neckties Become a Quilt?
Feature: Fair Trade
Have you heard the story about, "Stars over Kenya" -- the quilt that Global Gifts is raffling off to support HIV+ artisans at Imani Workshops in Kenya? It's a quirky little tale that will bring a smile to your face:

The strikingly handsome quilt that's visiting our Nora Plaza store this week is handmade from repurposed neckties.

"Why ties," you ask?
Since 2006, the Global Gifts organization has been helping Imani introduce new products into the US market. Due to the artisans' expertise in sewing, we thought that men's neckties might be a popular new product line. It seems, though, when Global Gifts made an initial order, the dimension of the American necktie was misunderstood... just a little bit of cross-cultural miscommunication that left us with 80 a-little-too-big, a-little-too-bulky ties, waiting for the tides of fashion to shift in our favor. Still, in the spirit of Fair Trade, the purchase was honored... and the ties languished in storage.

What to do?
Some months ago, three industrious Global Gifts volunteers decided to take it upon themselves to make something useful (and dare we say... BEAUTIFUL) from these materials. Bringing the story full circle, it was decided to raffle off the quilt to support Imani and the work they to do provide sustainable income opportunities for HIV+ artisans.
Gotta Have It!
Now that you know the beauty, history, and quirky personality of this fine work of art, we know you're wondering, "How can I get my hands on it?" 

This part's easy. Simply go to any Global Gifts store and purchase a $5 raffle ticket, or purchase one online here. There's no limit on the number of tickets you can buy... but hurry! The winner will be announced on April 19th, 2016. 

Imani ties have now been redesigned and they are selling quite successfully. You can get one here or at any of our stores.
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