Global Gifts at Nora: How Green is Your Easter?

Global Gifts at Nora: How Green is Your Easter?

Feature: Environmental Impact

Hey, Greenster Bunny, drop by the Nora store on Saturday, March 26, for a FREE package of "Easter grass" for your baskets -- made of our prettiest shredded paper from around the globe.

 At Global Gifts in Nora, we make every effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Very little is thrown away. We painstakingly save boxes, bags, bubble wrap, and other packaging for reuse. There's no doubt this effort saves us thousands of dollars every year - which just makes good sense for a nonprofit (and the environment).

What can't be used in the store goes to a community partner. For example the neighboring shipping store will take our excess packing pillows and a local auction company kindly comes to get our shipping boxes.

If it can't be repurposed, it gets recycled... or in this case, it becomes Easter grass for your baskets. Don't forget: We also have LOTS of #‎fairtradeandfabulous‬ goodies for stuffing those baskets. Oh! And, we have baskets too. Come see!





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