Short North: Fair Trade Farmers Part of the Climate Change Solution

Short North: Fair Trade Farmers Part of the Climate Change Solution

When you choose fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, bananas, or any other consumable, you're helping to support safe working conditions and assuring a living wage for the people who grew and produced those foods and beverages. Another benefit of buying fair trade is that it's good for the environment too! 

In a recent blog post on the World Fair Trade Organization site, Ryan Zinn lays out the negative effects of industrial agriculture. Through soil, water, and air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases, large-scale factory farms have significantly contributed to climate change which threatens the health of our planet. 

The good news is that fair trade certified small-scale farming operations are helping to heal the damage and pave a new way for growing and producing our food. Many of these farms are organic, grow a range of diverse crops, and employ traditional methods. The results are much lower rates of methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are major contributors to climate change. Studies are showing that the small-scale farming practices have the potential to actually reverse climate change!

Take a walk around a Global Gifts store and you'll find a variety of delicious coffees, teas, jams, olive oil, chocolate, and more that come to us from small-scale fair trade farmers doing good for our Earth!

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