Mass Ave: A Closer Look at Kenya

Mass Ave: A Closer Look at Kenya

During the month of March, Global Gifts on Mass Ave has been focusing on celebrating and highlighting different products and artisan groups from Kenya. We would like to share a few Fun Facts about Kenya!

  • Kenya, located in East Africa, is home to 47 distinct ethnic groups. The largest of these groups are the Kikuyu, the Luyia and the Luo.
  • Kenya borders the Indian Ocean in East Africa. With Lake Victoria to the west and coastal plains to the east, much of the country has a temperate climate. To the north are arid grasslands.
  • Jambo! is a traditional Swahili greeting. English and Swahili are Kenya's official languages.
  • Tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, oranges, bananas and papaya are abundantly available in Kenya.
  • Family is important to Kenyans. In rural areas, multiple generations may share a single home; in urban areas nuclear families tend to share a single home.
  • Tourists, who visit Keneya's big game parks and tropical beaches, provide and important source of revenue for the country.
  • Price increases and shortages of basic commodities, water and power have become normal for Kenyans and unemployment remains high.
  • Fair Trade provides jobs and opportunities to Kenyans who might now otherwise have a steady means for income.

Stop by any Global Gifts location for the opportunity to see the skill and handiwork of artisans from Kenya!

Source: Makers, Methods and Materials: Ten Thousand Villages

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