Celebrate Earth Day with Mr. Ellie Pooh

Celebrate Earth Day with Mr. Ellie Pooh

A Fair Trade Product That Doesn't Let Anything Go To Waste!

Sri Lanka is home to about a tenth of the world’s total 40,000 Asian elephants in the wild. However, elephants in Sri Lanka are being killed at an alarming rate—not for their tusks, meat, or hides—but simply because they interfere with agriculture. 

The elephant is running out of space in Sri Lanka. In farming communities, their gargantuan appetite make them a threat to crops. Defenders of wildlife are now convinced that the only way for elephants and humans to co-exist successfully in the same environment is in the use of the elephant's... uhm... byproduct, as a sustainable economic resource.

Elephant dung may be the answer. 
On average, an adult elephant produces about 180-200 kg (500 lbs.) per day. Since an elephant’s diet is all vegetarian, the waste produced is basically raw cellulose. Thoroughly cleaned and processed, the cellulose can be converted into a uniquely beautiful acid-free, linen-like paper with a velvety feel.

Enter: Mr. Ellie Pooh
Ellie Pooh greeting cards, journals, and note sets are available at all four Global Gifts locations and are a favorite of our volunteers who love to watch a customer's reaction when they first hear what the paper is made of. Children usually give a little squeal and bring the paper to their nose to sniff. (There's no scent.)

The Ellie Pooh project endeavors to raise the tolerance of farmers toward elephants, by compensating them for damage to their crops and by creating jobs. As the elephant is revealed to be an economic asset, people will work to keep the animal from disappearing.

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