Our International Volunteer Always Brightens The Day

Our International Volunteer Always Brightens The Day

Ins't this smile infectious?


This is how we all feel when we get to work with Carolyne.

Carolyne comes to us from Uganda. She is volunteering with Global Gifts for a year  through the International Volunteer Exchange Program or IVEP. We have learned so much about Ugandan culture and even a different perspective of our own culture while she has been with us. 

I had the chance to talk with Carolyne about her experience with Global GIfts and why she thinks Fair Trade is important. Here are some of her responses...


"I think Fair Trade is important because it promotes integrity and equality for everyone. It means making a difference in peoples lives and helps me understand the world with a different perspective."

"I love to see how artisans are able to use different materials and skills to create different products."

"My favorite product is all the scarves. They have beautiful designs are are so colorful!"

Carolyne, you are wonderful! We appreciate each and every day that you work with us! Thank you for your continued support of Fair Trade. You have made a difference!

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