Mass Ave: Galimotos

Mass Ave: Galimotos

In Africa, homemade galimotos are fashioned by children out of anything from sticks to cornstalks, and can be vehicles of any sort. This ingeniously crafted “galimoto” push-toy bicycle rider is created from shaped wire wrapped around fabric by artisans of the Chuma Wires workshop based in the Dandora area of Nairobi, Kenya. Chuma Wires provides valuable work for artisans who have little or no other opportunities for employment in this marginal section of Kenya’s sprawling capital.

These cute models had so much fun playing with these galimotos!


Not only do Galimotos make great gifts for children, they can also make a meaningful impact. Coupled with our book "Galimoto" children learn about the life of a Kenyan boy and the lengths he goes to make his own toy. Imagine the creativity of a child who is able to create their own toy! 

Stop by our Global Gifts location on Mass Ave this weekend for your chance to win a Galimoto toy and book!





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