Short North: Continental Connections with Maggie’s Organics

Short North: Continental Connections with Maggie’s Organics

We’re so excited about the selection of Maggie’s Organics apparel that just arrived in our store! From farm to sewing table, Maggie’s Organics apparel is grown and produced by people from across the Americas. The commitment to quality, fairness, and environmental stewardship shows in their socks, skirts, tops, leggings, and other clothing.

The certified organic cotton and wool for Maggie’s apparel is purchased from over 2000 cooperative farmers in Nicaragua. These raw materials are purchased directly from the farmers, which establishes a long term relationship between buyer and grower. Maggie’s also pays a deposit to the farmers to share part of the risk if a crop should fail. 

The Jubilee House Community, a non-governmental organization, is a partner for both Maggie’s and Nicaraguan farmers. Among other projects, Jubilee House has worked with farmers to develop a cottonseed that doesn’t deplete the soil of vital nutrients. Further demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability, all of Maggie’s products are made in the Americas and 65% are made in the United States to reduce the carbon footprint.

 After being grown in Nicaragua and spun by fair trade producers in El Salvador, the organic fibers come to independent family knitters and weavers in North Carolina in the US, who create socks and other apparel. To ensure a cohesive vision and to connect all members of the Maggie’s team, sewers and cutters are included in design decisions.

Every step of the way, Maggie’s Organics are made with care for the environment by people who are treated with respect and are paid fairly. And with prices starting at $9 for socks and $32 for garments, it’s a fashion choice you can afford and feel good about!


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