Bloomington: Meet a Volunteer, Alice!

Bloomington: Meet a Volunteer, Alice!


Alice Oestreich (pictured right) has been a volunteer with us since September, 2009 - right after we opened at our Bloomington Location! Over the years, she has shined through her bubbly personality and her love for Fair Trade. Alice is always engaging with visitors by sharing Artisan stories and describing what it's like to volunteer. In the featured photo, she was caught doing that exact thing! She told Sarah all about volunteering and in doing so, Sarah attended our orientation a few days later. That's Alice for you!

We asked Alice a few questions to find out more. 

Why do you think Fair Trade is important?

Alice - "It gives opportunities to families in developing countries to sell their own products and earn a real wage - not the 12 cents an hours sweat labor you see elsewhere. I feel like it saves kids from having to beg on the street... There used to be a soap for sale here made by women who escaped the sex trade in Bangladesh. I always thought that was the best product because it really symbolized what Fair Trade is about. Fortunately those women did so well that they moved up their business and now they're selling baby blankets made out of recycled saris!"

Why do you like volunteering at Global Gifts?

Alice - "Because you meet really interesting people! The other volunteers are from a variety of backgrounds. You get to know people of different ages and different beliefs and I enjoy that. I really enjoy being around people and this store has a plethora of different people who come in to shop.  I love social stuff!"

We know that soap was your favorite product before, but do you have a favorite product now?

Alice - "I love the wire birds. They remind me of when I was a kid and my grandma used to stir up cake batter with a whip thing that was made out of wire like that. I've bought those birds for a lot of people in my family who knew my grandma so that they would have that  memory as well. I love a lot of our products but that is one my favorite. Now we have these blue birds as well so I will be buying one of those next!"


If you would like to become a future volunteer at the Bloomington Global Gifts, email our volunteer coordinator at and she will get you started!

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