10-Year Volunteer Shows Loves For Fair Trade and Sustainability

10-Year Volunteer Shows Loves For Fair Trade and Sustainability

Yes, you read that right! Linda Bullard has been volunteering at our Nora store for 10 years. In fact, our Nora location is blessed to have quite a cadre of volunteers who have supported Global Gifts for a decade or more -- attesting to their passion for social justice and also the engaging quality of Global Gift's volunteer program.

Today we celebrate Linda's artistic side. This month, when we announced our "Fill The Windows With Love" Art Contest, Linda put her heart and soul into creating a piece that honors Fair Trade, Sustainability, and the Human Spirit.

Linda's handcrafted retablo features 90% recycled and found objects and cleverly represents a number of fair trade companies, symbols, and themes. When asked what inspired her creation, she wrote:

I love beautiful handmade crafts like those by "our" artisans from around the world, incorporating their traditional colors and designs and materials. I appreciate the ingenuity of artisans who often use recycled materials to make their wares. Sometimes they have nothing else to work with. It makes me happy that these artisans get fair wages and use them not only to feed and educate their children but also to improve their communities. I know that often the artisans whose work is featured at Global Gifts are women, of the poorest and lowest stratum of their society.

I enjoy volunteering at Global Gifts because I feel like I am working in an art gallery and I get to be around all these beautifully made, colorful items. I love their fair trade chocolate and I have used the Divine Chocolate wrappers in the retablo, as well as other recycled and "found" bits and pieces from the "broken box" in the back room of the store -- including the dear tiny people (Guatemalan "worry dolls" from a broken headband) who were originally my inspiration.

If you would like to see Linda's "Love letter to Fair Trade" in person, the art contest creations will be displayed in the Nora store's front windows until March 5. Drop by and see all of the other amazing pieces made by fans of fair trade and cast your vote for "Fan Favorite." You might just see Linda there, too!

Global Gifts at Nora | 1300 E. 86th Street, a few doors north of Whole Foods.


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