10 Fair Trade Gifts Under $10

10 Fair Trade Gifts Under $10

Fair Trade products help communities develop, gives access to healthcare and medicine, and creates opportunity for children to excel in school. If you're shopping for ethical gifts that make a positive impact but have a tight budget this summer, we've created a list for you!

1. Chocolate Truffles


The chocolate truffles from Alter Eco are absolutely delicious! They come in four fantastic flavors: Salted Caramel, Sea Salt, Velvet, and Black. You can get 9 truffles, wrapped in a compost-able tree-fiber wrapper, stuffed in a recyclable box, for $9!

2. Vegetable Soaps


The gentle fragrance of this handmade comes from sandalwood oil. Known as a beauty soap, it is made primarily with palm and coconut oil. Contains pure sandalwood oil, blended with a compound extracted from sandalwood logs. These soaps were made in India use palm oil grown on local plantations. This palm oil provides work to local farmers and does not contribute to deforestation. Other scents available include cucumber, coconut, lavender, melon, and rose. $5 


3. Cloth Imani Journals


One-of-a-kind journals feature quilted fabric covers in dozens of brilliant colors and patterns over a sturdy banana fiber cover for only $9.

4. Crochet Beanie


These cotton crochet skull caps from Guatemala come in a variety of colors and patterns, solids and stripes. $9.


5. Three-Legged Pig

May the pig of good fortune smile on you! This delightful terracotta pig is made with clay dug from the mountainside near the village of Pomaire, Chile. This clay is traditionally used to create earthenware cookware used over an open fire, but in this instance it is transformed into a “chanchito” a little three-legged pig. These are given to friends as tokens of love and good fortune. $6.


6. Leather Bookmarks

Each of these bookmarks is hand painted leather with an animal motif. Some have animal head cut-outs while others are rectangular with animal patterns. $4.00 each.

7. Carved Wine Toppers


Top off your wine bottle or olive oil with a charismatic safari animal designed by master woodcarver Moses Kirimi, handcrafted by the fairly paid artisans of Kichaka Poa, and brought to you through OTICART International of Kenya. $10 each.

8. Cheese Knife

Whimsical mouse always finds the cheese. This stainless steel cheese knife is made by metal workers of Noah’s Ark, a fair trade organization in Moradabad, India. The cost of metals has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and on the lives of individual artisans. Noah’s Ark has worked hard to train artisans in using alternative metals and materials, as well as to create appealing designs such as this product. $10.

9. Bike Chain Bottle Opener

This fun bottle opener is handmade from recycled bike chain, finished bronze. Through innovative recycling, again from the artisans of Noah’s Ark, fashion items like this from recycled bicycle chain. $10.

10. Ceramic Plant Feeders


Terracotta plant feeder is a plant “watering stick”—immerse in water for several minutes until the terracotta is thoroughly soaked. Water your plant well, stick the end of the plant feeder in soil along the rim of the pot and fill with water. Porosity and capillary action will dole out the water slowly and evenly. This should keep the soil moist for several days. The terra cotta color wash, called “kosh” is made from catechu and mangosteen extract. $6.

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