10 Ethical College Essentials

10 Ethical College Essentials

Anyone heading off to college knows just how overwhelming it can be to pack up your entire like and cram it into a tiny dorm or apartment especially if you’re a freshman. Well, no need to worry because we here at Global Gifts can help you create a packing list with all the essentials for making a comfortable and stylish space -- while also helping the environment, creating opportunity, and supporting disadvantaged artisans from around the globe! When you purchase any of these fair trade products from Global Gifts you'll feel good knowing that you're making the world a better place for all of us! 

#1.  A Himalayan salt lamp can be used to create the perfect mood lighting for a small space. The solid blocks of crystal salt can also help clean the air, relieve stress, and counteract electromagnetic radiation from wifi and nearby electronic devices and appliances. These lamps are handmade by artisans in Pakistan.

salt lamp

 #2.  Your parents aren't going to be doing your laundry anymore, so you'll need a stylish laundry bag to help you lug your dirty clothes to the laundry mat...or just back home to mom or dad.

laundry bags

#3.  Create a gallery of cool picture frames to hold all your favorite photos of family, friends, and pets to remind you of home. We LOVE these handcarved wood frames from India.  

 boho carved wooden frames hanging

#4  This moon phase dream catcher will be sure transform any bare space into an ethereal oasis. It is traditionally said that dream catchers capture bad dreams during the night and hold them there until the sun of the day can burn them away. Try hanging one of this handmade dream catchers over your bed and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. Ethically handmade in Nepal using 95% natural materials. 

moon phase dream catcher

#5.  Bare walls are cold and boring. Color and hang these unique paper flags to add style to your space. It's heavy white paper and crisp outlines make it easy to fill in with your favorite shades!


#6.  This djembe drum is perfect for when you want host a jam session with your friends! Just make sure it's not during study hours! Check out all our percussion instruments!

mini djembe drum

#7.  A recycled sari laundry basket is a great place to hide all your dirty clothes because no one wants to step over piles of clothes on the floor. 

large cloth hamper


#8.  Never lose your glasses again with this peacock eyeglass holder! Just place your glasses over this friendly little peacock's eyes for stylish safekeeping. Handcarved by artisans in India from ethically sourced rosewood.

eyeglass holder


 #9.  When you just need a night in to relax, a throw blanket is perfect for keeping you all snuggled up and cozy while watching your favorite Netflix series. Warning! This blanket is sooo soft you'll never want to come out from under it!


#10.  Add some exotic style and cheerful sounds to your dorm room with this colorful Indian bell tota. Hang up multiple totas for a funky bohemian look that'll keep your spirit on high!  *elephant tota also available

bird bell tota


These are all great items to help make your dorm room feel more like home and provide the comfortable surroundings you'll need to get straight A's this semester!

Written by By Corrin Claycomb, Intern at Global Gifts Short North



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